IHI-ICR a FAA 145 Repair Station was founded October 1st 2012. IHI-ICR is a Joint Venture between IHI of Japan (ihi.co.jp/en/) and International Component Repair USA. (ICRR255x.com). IHI and ICR both have great passion for service & providing value to our customers.

    IHI-ICR will focus on the V2500 Fuel Diverter & Return Valve. IHI, the OEM, had the only 145 Repair facility in the world for the FD&RV located in Tokyo, Japan. Through this joint venture, IHI-ICR now has full capabilities for the FD&RV in Villa Rica, Georgia. This JV will greatly help to support all of the North American customers.

    IHI-ICR has developed repair capabilities for CF34-8C/-8E fan blades. Future repair capabilities to include CF34-3 fan blades starting November 2015.

    Our main goal is to provide low cost, Quality driven, repairs to the North American market, with world-class customer service.

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